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Co-founded Crw, Inc. shortly after a November 2015 Startup Weekend event. Our mission was to streamline and simplify the live event booking process. 

We created an Android application that connected artists with venues thereby sidestepping the existing booking agents' role in the process. Artists would create crowdfunding campaigns to measure financial interest and once targets were met they were automatically matched to a venue available based on capacity and demand.

We pre-launched with 30+ local artists and indie labels along with 3+ venues.  We were featured on Forbes, Financial Times, and Miami Herald.

In January 2016, we were invited to compete in Student Startup Madness, a nationwide collegiate competition. We were selected out of 100 startups to the Round of 64, where we faced off against 63 other startups from 37 different universities, the competition culminated at SXSW.  In April 2016, we were selected as one of 125 startups to the Showcase Startup at eMerge Americas 2016.

Crw shut down in August 2016.

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Building a web application that helps users simplify compensation negotiations by providing a career management solution to launch and manage their career.

Clarify is a career management web application that serves as a companion and coach throughout a users career by providing compensation analytics using the Clarify Index®, performance evaluation coaching, and professional achievement journaling to facilitate compensation negotiations and résumé building.

Clarify launched on January 2019.


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