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Slowly building…

After sitting on this project for well over 3 years, I’ve decided to pick right back up where I left off.

Clarify started as a side project to learn iOS development on Xcode, it eventually morphed into a desire to address low wages and lack of organizational and professional development in the workplace. In 2015 I spent some time working on a very rough MVP in Xcode for the iOS version, in addition to learning Photoshop and designing the app layouts and mockups.

Realizing I had made a substantial amount of progress, I’ve gone back and dusted off the original twitter handle, rebuilt our landing page, launched our Product Hunt page, and setup a feedback and feature request page.

In the coming months I’ll be dedicating additional time to this project and developing the assets necessary to launch a basic MVP.

What is Clarify?

Clarify is designed to empower its users with enough actionable data to be well informed, leading to better decision making. It’s not just numbers, it’s insight. The platform offers guided mock evaluations, compensation research, achievement tracking, and much more.

For the time being go to to learn more about Clarify.

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