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This version now includes major bug fixes and significant stability tweaks.

Well, this is 30 for 30 now. The big THREE O. Time to really sit back and ponder on what the next decade will bring and what it’ll lead me towards. This time I figure I’d do things a little differently in order to cap the milestone and layout a foundation for the next year.

Let’s review the roadmap to v31.0:

Some tweaks were made in this version to dedicate more time to family and enjoying the present. I’m making it a point to be more patient and enjoy the little things with the people I love most.

In this version I plan to add a significant focus to my personal finances. I plan to make strategic bets in technology and real estate via a personal investment vehicle that I’ll be setting up later this year. Stay tuned on this, more to come.

Under the hood you’ll find an increase in travel from short weekend getaways to weeks long vacations. I’m making it a point to shut off and explore this grand Earth of ours. The motivation for travel is to truly learn the many cultures found across the U.S. and abroad.

After much thought and due to increased demand (mentally & physically), you’ll find a significant increase in fitness. It’s impossible to achieve any of the above focus areas without a sound approach to mental and physical health. This should help speed and operability across this version.

These are my four specific areas of focus on my way to v31.0. This current version will be followed by extensive documentation, since v29.0 and all prior were not very well documented and not much customer support was provided.

Stay tuned for updates along the way.



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