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Business Notes: Politics & Performance


I'm not talking about the actual world of government politics, there's plenty on TV and social media to even consider writing something about this never-ending topic. I'm actually interested in talking about workplace politics and my experience with its effects.

Workplace politics is driven by an agenda and this agenda can have a devastating effect on strategy, execution, and overall morale. It can turn off and shun some of your best employees who fall out of favor because of it. 

Naturally, we're driven by competition and self-fulfillment (ego), however this I've seen breakup teams and seen it lead to a negative atmosphere due to the brash nature of the "displays". The loudest voices in the room aren't necessarily always right, however, the silent voices in the room are the ones that many times are afraid to speak up and most likely are to be right.

Politics in the workplace can lead to the silence of some of the smartest in the room, who by no fault of their own, fail to partake in the game. Although a logical approach, this can lead to the wrong people influencing the right people and for an agenda to be executed.



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