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Reflections on Today’s Political Climate

You can say anything.

You can do just about anything.

I’m not so concerned with who you voted for — we’re all within our right to vote for whomever we choose— as I am concerned with the climate that brewed two flawed candidates in their own right.

You’re exasperated with the current state of our system, as am I. You’re exasperated with the present economic conditions, as am I. You’re exasperated with the broken promises offered by our dearest politicians — yet we somehow keep re-electing them every other couple of years for decades — , as am I. We just have several different ways of addressing our grievances, one of which doesn’t involve saying and doing just about anything.

I was raised to respect. You were likely also raised to respect.

Somewhere along the way we forgot to respect. Forgot to respect difference of opinions, ideals, religious beliefs, gender differences, and much else.

Insults such as “dumb as a rock”

Yet, we’ve somehow normalized this behavior, labeled it as the truth, and turned it into the anti “political correctness” machine.

It’s not.

There’s a certain degree of respect that’s required at the workplace, at home, amongst your peers, and even the unknown.

Today, I feel as if my degree of respect is somehow rendered too high, much so if the White House can essentially call anyone… dumb as a rock.

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