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With an unorthodox approach to personal and professional development I've made it a mission to continuously learn and always apply design thinking to my work. In the last ten years I've worked with some rather small and large companies, and dedicated a year or two at attempting to build my own by way of Startup Weekend. 

It's been refreshing to succeed and to fail all at the same time. However, invaluable experiences and learnings have come from it. I've been briefly mentioned on Forbes, Financial Times, and the Miami Herald. I've been able to grow key accounts by compounded double digits. I've completed my undergrad full-time while employed full-time. I enjoy photography and houseplants. I attempted and failed at launching a startup.

Today, I hold a bachelor's degree in Political Science and I'm a key account manager managing the Walmart Canada and Sam's Club accounts, while working on my next side project.


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